Clinical Research Nursing

Learn about the Steps to Becoming a Clinical Research Nurse

Clinical research nursing is practice with a focus on the care of research participants. The clinical research nurse (CRN) monitors patients throughout the research studies, ensuring compliance with rules and regulations designed to protect the patient. They can also see patients in an office setting. Clinical research nurses improve patient care by translating research findings into beside practices.

Preparation Path

Attain a BSN

Pass the NCLEX and become an RN

Gain at least two years of clinical experience

Earn your CCRP and Life Support certifications

Typical Tasks

  • Conducting research according to study protocols
  • Providing and coordinating clinical care
  • Ensuring participant safety throughout research study
  • Maintaining documentation
  • Recording and analyzing data
  • Writing grants
  • Attending conferences and sharing research findings

Employment Settings

  • Dedicated clinical research settings (like research units in academic medical centers)
  • Government health care organizations with a research component

Annual Salary Range

$80,054 – $98,976


RN, Certified Clinical Research Professional (CCRP), Life Support Certifications

Education Requirements


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