Nursing Careers and Specialties

As a nurse you have lots of different career options and nursing specialties to choose from. Each nursing specialty has its own career path, certification, and educational requirements. This list below should help you figure out which nursing specialty is right for you!

There are 61 Nursing Specialties

Nursing SpecialtyEducation RequirementType
Ambulatory Care NursingBSNSpecialized Nursing
Burn NursingBSNEmergency Nursing
Cardiac Care NursingBSNClinical Nursing
Cardiac Catheter Lab NursingBSNSurgical Nursing
Case Management NursingBSNManagerial Nursing
Clinical Nurse SpecialistsBSN, followed by MSNAdvanced Practice Nursing
Clinical Research NursingBSNAdvanced Practice Nursing
Correctional NursingBSNSpecialized Nursing
Critical Care NursingBSNClinical Nursing
Developmental Disabilities NursingLPN or BSNClinical Nursing
Emergency NursingBSNEmergency Nursing
Flight NursingBSNEmergency Nursing
Forensic NursingBSNSpecialized Nursing
Gastroenterology NursingBSNClinical Nursing
Genetics NursingBSNClinical Nursing
Geriatric NursingBSNClinical Nursing
Hematology NursingBSNClinical Nursing
HIV/AIDS NursingBSNSpecialized Nursing
Home Health NursingBSNSpecialized Nursing
Hospice NursingBSNSpecialized Nursing
Hyperbaric NursingBSNSpecialized Nursing
Infection Control NursingBSNManagerial Nursing
Informatics NursingBSNManagerial Nursing
Intravenous Therapy NursingBSN (MSN a plus)Clinical Nursing
Legal Nurse ConsultantsBSNSpecialized Nursing
Mental Health NursingBSNSpecialized Nursing
Military NursingBSNSpecialized Nursing
Neonatal NursingBSNClinical Nursing
Neuroscience NursingBSNClinical Nursing
Nurse AnesthetistsBSN, MSNAdvanced Practice Nursing
Nurse EducatorsBSN, MSN, or PhDManagerial Nursing
Nurse PractitionersBSN, MSNAdvanced Practice Nursing
Nurse-MidwivesBSN, MSN or Post-Master's certificateAdvanced Practice Nursing
Nursing ManagementBSNManagerial Nursing
Obstetrics / Gynecology NursingBSNClinical Nursing
Occupational Health NursingBSNManagerial Nursing
Oncology NursingBSNClinical Nursing
Orthopedic NursingBSNClinical Nursing
Pain Management NursingBSNClinical Nursing
Pediatric NursingBSNClinical Nursing
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgical NursingBSNSurgical Nursing
Private Duty NursingBSNManagerial Nursing
Public Health NursingBSNAdvanced Practice Nursing
Pulmonary NursingBSNAdvanced Practice Nursing
Quality Improvement NursingBSNManagerial Nursing
Radiology NursingBSNClinical Nursing
Recovery Room NursingBSNSurgical Nursing
Rehabilitation NursingBSNSpecialized Nursing
Renal Dialysis NursingBSNSpecialized Nursing
School NursingBSNClinical Nursing
Sub-acute NursingBSNSpecialized Nursing
Substance Abuse NursingBSNSpecialized Nursing
Surgical NursingBSNSurgical Nursing
Telemetry NursingBSNClinical Nursing
TelenursingBSNSpecialized Nursing
Telephone Triage NursingBSNEmergency Nursing
Transplant NursingBSNSurgical Nursing
Travel NursingBSNSpecialized Nursing
Urology NursingBSNClinical Nursing
Utilization Management NursingBSNManagerial Nursing
Wound Care NursingBSNClinical Nursing